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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saving money other ways - part 3

Why should you keep good records? Many reasons...if your a teacher, work for yourself, realtor, ect. The better your records, the better the credits and deductions on your taxes! But everyone should keep good records and not just for tax reasons. I purchased 4 huge cyprus trees last year with a bogo coupon at home depot.
Within 6 months 2 of the 4 died. My husband remembered that they have a 1 year return policy on trees if they die and you have ORIGINAL receipt. From a year ago...yikes. But we found it tucked away in our folder labeled house stuff.
Butch took the trees, receipt and went back to the store. They only had one tree, so they gave him one in Even exchange and the price of the other on a giftcard. That was worth $200!
Earlier this week, our baby video monitor quit working correctly. I contacted the company and because I had my receipt, they are replacing the entire unit for free! Another $100 savings. Just for keeping our receipts! I challenge all of you to store your receipts this year!

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