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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walmart rollback on board games plus peelie alert

If these Furry toys are something the Easter Bunny might bring your child, then you might want to head to Walmart and checkout the peelie I found.  Go HERE to print a coupon for the animal, and then be on the lookout for the carrier toys and accessory toys at walmart that have a $5.00 off instant coupon on them!  Awesome deal for these new toys if your child is wanting one!  Plus Walmart has Operation Toystory edition on sale for $5.00, making it just $2.00 after the coupon.  Then mine and Brandi's walmart (Cool Springs and Murfreesboro) had tearpads with Free tombstone pizza rebates on them for the purchase of one boardgame!  Yeah for cheap game night fun and food!  If you can't find the rebate, let me know, I grabbed two extra in case one of you needed one! 

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