Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Might be a moneymaker...???

Well, excitement quickly faded...but I wanted to share in case you have a better experience. CVS magic machine spit out two great q's to me today. One for a free Herseys Air Delight candy bar and the other for $5 off ANY Lumens Vitamin C product. The facial creme is on sale for $4.19 this week. At checkout, the cashier immediately told me I could not use the q. When I asked why, she said because it must not include this product...but she didn't attempt to scan it. I nicely, nicely pointed out that the q had NO exclusions. She then said she would modify the q down to 4.19. I was not thrilled with the answer, but really like this brand of face cream, so I said ok. But, not being able o see what she punched in, she said it would only be taking off $3, not $4.19. :( I said no thank you and she stare at me in disbelief and asked if I was serious about not buying it because $1.19 for hat brand was a great price. While she is right, I know that the manager would not reduce the q. She also didn't really want to give my q back. Not a great experience, but wanted to share. Sometimes you win, sometimes you just don't buy it. Hope you all have a better trip!

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