Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Regional price differences

So I, Brandi, am traveling right now. We have landed in Hot Springs, and I just had to bring some q's with me. There is a Kroger nearby, so I went over Sunday night to hopefully grab some of the Kraft sliced cheese that is a part of the Mega event this week. I grabbed a few last week in TN, and I wanted to grab some more before my q's expired. The price per package in TN was $1.96 and I was very much hoping the price in Arkansas would be the $1.46 I had seen reported. As I walk down the cheese aisle, I glanced at the price tag and thought "that can't be right." After further investigation, I realize it is! $3.19 for one 16-slice pkg of Kraft cheese! It is amazing to me the price differences I saw in the store as I walked out with no cheese. Whether you are a veteran couponer or a newbie, this is a wonderful time to be using/learning this great skill due to the inflating grocery prices. God bless everyone's day!

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