Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Saving money "other ways"

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I lost count of what part of the series we are on, but you get the point!

Saving money "other ways"...sometimes there are items that no coupon will ever be found for this product. And we just happen to have one of those products in our house. Elecare formula-boy oh boy. Costs a fortune and you can't just walk in a store and buy it. So, not only do we have to special order it, but it is super expensive. Retail at our local grocery store-the only one that is WILLING to even order it for us is $90+tax for one little can that lasts us about 3 days. WOWZA!

So I started digging on the web and Ebay was the only site that I could find that sold it cheaper. I researched the sellers of the formula and found a web only store that sells it on average $22-$29 dollars a can depending on how much you buy...the more you buy, the cheaper per can they sell it. So...we buy a lot at a time. To the tune of $400-$500 at a time. But the savings is overwelming. Not to mention that I use one of my reward programs for online savings like to save me even more money. The savings varies depending on how much % back they are offering, but tonight the savings was 3%. So, a little over $12.00 back on tonights purchase.

So lets show the numbers (remember I am an accountant...I LOVE Numbers!)
Retail price for 18 cans=$1777.00 (price plus tax)
Ebay price for 18 cans=$430.00 (price plus shipping) savings=$12.90
Total Savings=$1359.90 in SAVINGS!

It isn't always easy to buy in bulk and shell out that much money, but with a little planning and thinking, as you can see, it is well worth the planning and effort! 
Remember...sometimes you have to think outside the box and sometimes buying in bulk is cheaper!  Sign up at today and save on all your online purchases!
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