Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blah over missed moneymaker deal!

So I am frequently "bummed" about missing out on a great deal, especially moneymakers, but I am ESPECIALLY bummed when I miss reading, seeing, hearing about a moneymaker/awesome deal that we use...and use a lot of! With 3 kiddos allergic to anything and everything, we go thru a lot of allergy meds. So I am kicking did I miss the HUGE moneymaker on Zyrtec last week???????????? ARRRRRGHGGGHGHGH!
Going to bed before I read about another missed opportunity...but don't get cycle around. I have gotten plenty of cheap and free Zyrtec in the past and if you have a missed a deal, it too will come back around. Until then, try to make the best possible choices on the items that you are needing!

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