Thursday, June 30, 2011

CVS Qtrly ECB's start printing tomorrow+freebies!

Just a reminder that when/if you start shopping at CVS starting tomorrow, your Quarterly ECBS will print.

Also, Red box machine is printing out $dollar off q's for pantene that when combined with 3/2 q from SS 6/19, plus when you buy 2 pantene items you get $2 ECB's...limit of 1. Should make for two free pantenes!
Plus, many are reporting the machine is still printing $1 off pringles to go everyday for possibly free chips or a moneymaker depending on what regional q's you got. 

  Also, a kind lady was checking out in front of me and when she was handed her receipt, she said..."wait, i wasn't supposed to get any ECB's back...what is this $3 ECB for?"  The checkout lady looked at it and said, "It's your birthday rewards!" 
No one seemed to know if you only got the ECB if you shopped on your actual birthday (as this lady said her birthday was in fact that same day) or if you get them in and around your birthday. 

Does anyone know the answer to this??????

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