Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today's deal sounds really cool!  It is for gift bags that you can re-gift, but it comes with some cool advantages...
1.  You register the bag online when you purchase it with a unique code.
2.  The first person who receives the bag enters their info and personalizes the bag in their way
3.  The first person then re-gifts the bag to someone else who does the same as above.
4.  After the bag is completed (all coloring and personalization is done by final recipent) then you log in and notify the company that the bag is finished.  They send you a postage paid return envelope.  You return the bag and they upload the finished product and all recipents can view the final product and if so desires, order additional items made from the bag design such as playing cards, mugs, keychain, ect. 

Todays save is $15 for $40 dollars worth of bags.  BUT, if you haven't signed up yet or have and haven't used your first time sign up credit of $10, then your save today would be $5 for $40 worth of bags.  I looked on the website and that works out to 4 bags plus the cost of shipping.  That works out to 80 cents a bag...still cheaper than buying them at the dollar store!  :)
Sign up HERE and make some new memories between kids, grandkids, or best friends!

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