Monday, May 9, 2011

Saving money other ways...

EbatesWe try to highlight once in awhile, lifestyle changes or actions that you can take that are not neccesarily couponing, but still things that will save you money or earn you money. One of these things that really has changed my way of thinking is shopping thru places like Ebates, Shopathome, ect for things that I buy on the internet. I have always shopped on the internet as there are things that I have to buy that will probably never offer coupons and are cheaper at places like Ebay, ect. So, once I found out about these sites that will pay you cash back just for shopping thru their link, I got excited! I routinely get cashback checks just for making the purchases that I was ALREADY going to make. Don't go crazy and buy a bunch of stuff just cause you will get money back...but keep in mind that there is a way to save additional money if you do need/want to buy online.
Ebates is one of my favorites!  And yes...I really have gotten checks from them! 
Next time I get one, I will take a picture for all you guys and gals!

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