Monday, May 9, 2011

Saving money other ways...

Spend money to save money!  Do what?  Yep, that is right.  Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.  But you can still be smart about it.  Want an example?  I used to go to the pharmacy for an expensive compounded med that my Dr. prescribed for me.  $30 for 6 pills.  What?  Had to drive clear to Murfreesboro to get it...what a hassle.  I finally asked the Pharmacist what was so special about the pills.  Nothing really he said...and told me what was in them and how to make them myself...even special ordered the stuff and helped me with the first batch.  It was two drugs that were over the counter, but just mixed together and refrigerated!

So, after buying my supplies from them a few times, it occured to me that since there was nothing special about any of it, I could probably buy it online cheaper.  Sure enough, good ole Amazon had it for about 50% less than what the store charged me.  So, my initial investment of the meds, empty capsules, and pill filling machine was $50.00, the amount of supply will last me well over a year, enough empty pills for probably 10 years!!! and the pill machine paid for itself in the first use, as far as I am concerned!  So...I probably just saved myself well over 200.00 dollars a year...and probably more like double that! 

So while you may not need to rush out and buy a pill machine...what I am getting at is to think outside the box!  Does your kids eat a lot of jelly?  Jelly isn't cheap and rarely has great make your own freezer jam.  Afraid they won't like it...mix it in half and half with your purchased me, they won't know if you don't tell them! 

Need a big purchase?  Don't rush out without A. researching the product...don't go cheap on a big purchase if it doesn't have good reviews.  Doesn't make sense to pay a small amount of money for that item over and over, if buying a good brand that last 10-20 years is cheaper over the long run.  B.  Wait...if you can, just wait.  Sales cycle around...that brand new Ipad that your dying to have will be 20% less in two months...and probably 50% less in 8-12 months!  Not to mention promo's...keep your eyes and ears peeled for promo's!
C.  Read this ARTICLE...sheds a whole new light on saving money by thinking outside the box! 

Also, go HERE to save money on OTC and Prescription drugs!  Think outside the box this week and save your family some dough!

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