Monday, June 6, 2011

Alumna Wallet

Ok, so this post is a bit of a joke...but if you are interested in this Wallet, you can buy it from this link!
My 5 year old son is an avid follower of "As Seen on TV products"...and this is the latest ad that he has his eye on!  For Easter last year he asked the "Easter Bunny" to bring him a Touch and Brush...and the Easter Bunny did so...and he loves his Touch and Brush!

So this post is for Mason...hope you get your Alumna Wallet Mason's words, "It's the best wallet ever, mom....if you accidentally wash it, nothing gets messed up"!  Thru a child's eyes...

As Seen On TV Aluma Wallet - Fashion Meets Function with this Trendy, Indestructible Wallet. Made of Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy, it Protects Against Identity Theft and Keeps RFID Cards Safe. Order today and receive an additional wallet and a Free gift for only $10.99 + S&H. Click Here

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