Monday, June 13, 2011

Diaper deals at Target!

Some good deals at Target this week. Jumbo packs of Huggies and Pampers are on sale for $8.99 each. Gift catd,when you buy 3 packs. (please note that it did not prompt for one after 2 packs as mentioned on some blogs :(
But still a good deal, especially on the huggies.
Buy 3 packs, use 3 $3 off plus giftcard makes them
$4.25 a pack. I had some target q's to pair up with the bigger boxes and wipes and the all you q for free juice with purchase of swimmies and I had a target and manuf q for the swimmies. All in all saved $60 on diapers, got a handful of boxtops and a ton of reward points, including special points for buying Cars Promo packages!
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