Saturday, June 4, 2011

Exciting Week Ahead!

Brandi is taking a well-deserved vacation this week and so I am making arrangements for some guest bloggers this week!  If any of you would like to submit some guest posts for me this week, let me know.  I will be paying the bloggers in giftcards (all earned free-of course!) from rewards sites.  Email me at  if you have some posts you want to submit. 

Simply type them up in an email, make sure to include links and if you read it on another bloggers site to thank them for the info.  If your blog post is picked...I will thank you in the blog post-of course...and send you a giftcard.

Guys...I know we have some male followers and I would love for some of you to submit posts too!  I tried to talk my hubby into it, but he just laughed at me-so I will take that as a no!  :)

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