Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update on consignment sale

So I (Jen) promised to update you on my consignment experience.  The check arrived today and I was so excited about opening it...until I did open it and saw the amount.  Man oh man...all my hard work only amounted to THAT?  I ended up making 24% of what I put in the sale.  I received about 50% of my accepted items back after the sale (items that didn't sell) and a good portion of my items ended up going for half-price on the half-price days.  Most of the items that I got back were brand new, many with tags.  I had talked with quite a few other "consignors" and was told that my prices looked good...so I don't believe that I had my items overpriced.  However, this particular consignment sale fell during the tax free weekend and I believe that might have hurt sales a bit.  I also ended up being shorted $37.00 worth of stuff that the owner of the sale is looking in to...but based on her initial response I would say I am just out that amount, despite meticulous spreadsheets proving I am out.  :(

I ended up spending about 25+ hours washing, pricing, hanging, tagging, delivering, and picking up items, and storing them yet again.  Do I think that my profit was worth my hours of prep?  No...sorry to say, I do not.  So next time I think that I will skip the consignment process or at least downscale the amount I put in greatly (so I can still go to the pre-sale) and just have a yard-sale or donate my items to a friend!  :)

However, with that being said, I would love to hear from any of our friends that have had more positive experiences, as always, we here at Couponing for Christ want to promote things that save money!

This past two weeks has been weeks of "ups and downs" but I am reminded by this verse to rely on God.
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. – Philippians 4:6

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  1. I am being reminded of the same Bible verse myself. I think God is really up to something....:)....I did not do the sale this time. Last year I made $267 and sold 62 items. A lot better than a yard sale, but I had a ton of stuff left over. My sister just did it for the first time. She made $147 and sold 74 items.....hmmmm....maybe it is just the economy...I agree, easier to just have a yard sale. But, if someone doesn't have a great location, or lives in an apartment, the consignment sale will probably work for them....