Monday, August 30, 2010

Zovirax rebate

Hopefully you don't need this link, but if you are like me, then you might get cold sores (especially at the holidays...stressful times of the year).  But if you do use this, then here is a great link for you.  Go to their website and enter your information and once you submit you will then be able to print a rebate coupon that says you will pay only $15.00 (if your copay is 50.00 or more).  I also went to the website and it said that you can ask your dermatologist, GP, OB-GYN, or your DENTIST to prescribe this...good to know...I will be asking my dentist for a new script of this, cause I like to keep a tube on hand at home.

Sign up to receive a downloadable rebate for a tube of ZOVIRAX Cream. Once you complete signup, you must click on "Get The Rebate now" button to print the coupon.

Click the heading above to go to the sign-up sheet.

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