Friday, August 27, 2010

Wags deals

Ok, so while waiting for my daughter's meds to be filled (she has bronchitis and pneumonia-boo) I snagged the following items that I had read about at Hip2save.  I couldn't believe they actually had any left, my store is always out of the BIG deals...and for you Smyrna readers, I left plenty on the shelves :)! 

So, Airwick compact I-motion is on sale for $3.99, there is a $4.00 off coupon in 8/8 SS, which as you avid wags readers will know, is now accepted since Wags released a coupon policy stating that overage coupons would be adjusted down to sale price.  Also pictured is toothbrushes that I found on endcap clearance for $1.00 a pack (yes, Dad...more toothbrushes :)!!!

Also, they had tons of the First aid boxes that are just a little red box that is empty except for $15.00 worth of coupons inside.  They are "supposed" to be on sale for 50 cents each...however, my Wags was very confused about what the price should be...wasn't in their system and the manager told me it was $3.99...I said, "um...are you sure?  I read on a blog that it was 50 cents...and it is an empty box except for the coupons..." she never could confirm what the price should be so she graciously let me have two at 50 cents each.  :)

Thanks for the heads up! Click the heading above to go to her post and read more about the first aid boxes.

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