Thursday, October 7, 2010

A word of caution...

So, I have never tried to use a gift certificate, but was wanting to make our family vacation as affordable as possible without sacrificing our usual way of doing things, which includes eating out a lot. So, I spent a lot of time looking at the available places on this site to eat near where we would be staying. I our purchased three high dollar certificates for little of nothing. Excitedly our entire family talked today about what all we would order from the menu, loaded up and away we a closed down restaurant. What??? Seems I purchased a gift certificate for a restaurant that no longer is in operation. I have not had a chance to contact them yet, but am very interested to see what the response is. So, word to the wise, call and make sure your restaurant is actually open! I noticed they listed Sir Pizza in Smyrna as one you could buy and the are shut down too....strange to me that they do not verify this type of info before selling the coupons! Now I wonder if the other two places are open!

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