Friday, September 10, 2010

Did you sign up to be a Cracker Barrel Front Porch Member?

Well, if you did I have some good news for you! Today is the start of the Fall Front Porch Sale with prices 40-70% OFF! Reese and I went up there early this morning and here is a few o the bargains we found. $29.00 for these five pieces. 3 items were 70% off and 2 items were 40% off, plus I used my 10.00 off of 10.00 rewards that they sent me two weeks ago, plus I got an email yesterday that said purchases over$ 15.00 members would get 10% off. I asked a manager if that meant I could used the 10.00 OFF and the 10% off and she yes...however, at checkout the 10% didn't show up on my account and the lady checking me out said I would have to call corporate. hmm...well, I tried to call and the message said the Front Porch program was experiencing extremely high call volume...I bet so if the 10% isn't working for everyone! So I left a message as instructed...will get back to you guys on what they say! But, it is still some great deals, especially if you love their merchandise like I do!
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  1. Thanks for this info....I have never heard of this program...gonna check it out...It's all about helping eachother....:)