Friday, September 24, 2010

Great and easy way to get q's!

So, with the great sale on Smart Balance milk (2/$5) at Publix this week (this stuff is great), I wanted those $2/1 q's I have read about.  I wanted to wait to see results before I posted about it, but they came today!  I ordered from a clipping service called Coupons by Dede.  (You can click the heading to visit her site.)  I paid $3 for 15 $2/1 q's shipped to my door, which will make for 50 cents per 1/2 gallon cartons of milk.  This is great because my fam loves it, it's loaded with vitamins, and it has a long shelf life.  I have an extra fridge that I will be plugging in to store them, but for $1 a gallon, I'm all over it.  This is our familys' #1 most expensive and fastest consumed item.  YIPPEE!  Pair it with a $5/$25 Sav-a-lot q, you have FREE milk.
TIP:  You can get a raincheck for items you can't purchase before the sale ends.  :)

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