Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Great prices and Christian-based service for haircuts and more!

For all our Murfreesboro (and surrounding area) followers:
I HAD to post about this great Christian-based business.  It's called Drake's Barber Shop.  It's a nostalgic barber shop right down to the "straight razors" and "hot towels".  It is located on Memorial Blvd. near Wendy's.  Jason Rigney is an owner there who does an amazing job on men and children's hair. My hubby has been going there since before my 2-year-old was born, and now they both go together.  :)  When you walk in, you feel like you are back in the good ol' days when you could sleep with your doors unlocked.  They always have Christian music playing or a game on the main TV.  There is also a TV in the play room for the kids!  "Kid's can come and play while their father gets a shave!"  Also, kids get FREE haircuts with the purchase of an adult cut, AND if you bring in your previous Sunday's church bulletin, you get $2 off!  Click the heading above to visit their website!!  God bless everyone!

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