Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update on the Target Sense-n-spray deal

So I headed out to the Smyrna Super Target today to snag some of these free Sense-n-sprays...but when I find them on the shelf, they said on sale for "$7.99"...hmm, so I am thinking they just hadn't updated the price, so I pick one up and scan it...and no, the price is $7.99. So I went and asked a manager why their price wasn't the same as the Murfreesboro Target and she explained that each store has permission to set prices on certain items that isn't always company-store-wide. Boo...so, if you were thinking about rushing to the Smyrna Target for a free one...nope. However, they did have the brand new ones on sale for $6.49 on temporary markdown...so you could still get one for 49 cents, which still isn't bad. But make sure you pick up the new packaging (blue box, not white box)!

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