Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just another benefit to couponing....

Sooo, I (Brandi) just got back from a fabulous family vacation.  I packed EVERYTHING I thought for a second that we may need, and with a great stockpile, I didn't pay a dime to get ready to leave!  :)
However, in packing all these "necessities", I managed to forget MY MAKE-UP!!!!!  ERRGG!
And, I didn't realize it until we were well out of state....hmmmm....this was a last-minute vacation as it was, but to forget something as expensive as my make-up, well, it just wasn't in the budget to buy more.  Problem-solving in my head, it hit me: I HAVE GIFT CARDS, +UPs, and ECBs!!!!  My hubby swung me by the nearest Rite Aid, and I knew what were the great deals for the week because I never miss a RA ad.  I went in, bought my new make-up, didn't pay a cent out of our strict vacay fund, and came out with a great big smile!  Then, wouldn't you know it, the next day, my hubby decides he "needs" some things (as usual).  Well, I ran through his verbal list in my head (and CVS's inventory), and said, "Off to CVS we go!"  And $11 ECBs and several q's later, we got what we needed again without spending any "money".  My hubby was very pleased, and I was also at the simple fact that I was able to provide for our family this way (and for the first time on a vacay) while staying ON-BUDGET!  Couponing is such a blessing, and we love to share this "wealthy" information with anyone who wants to learn!  God bless everyone!!


  1. I have already packed up three totes of food, 90% off clearance toys, and stuff like sunscreen and swimmies that I bought for next to nothing for our trip...and already scouted out the nearest Publix in SC so we won't spend much on the neccessaties that don't travel well like milk and bread! Great story!