Monday, September 13, 2010

Nashville Originals

Ok, if your like us, you probably love to eat's fun, it's quicker, and no clean-up, especially for nice occasions!  But eating out at nice Nashville and surrounding area restaurants is expensive!  Butch and I love this site. Someone recommended it to us over three years ago and we have gotten to eat at some places that wouldn't be in our budget...places like Sunset Grill, Tayst, and Midtown Cafe...just to name a few.
They offer quarterly (limited amounts) coupons that are usually $50 gift certificate (that doesn't expire) for $25-30 dollars...a nice savings!  There are a few restrictions, but not many. So...why do I mention this...cause this is Restaurant Week and you can try a lot of unique (not chain restaurants) in Nashville for discounted price.  So click the heading above to go read about who is participating!  Let us know if you go out and try and these places for lunch and dinner and give us a give "lowdown" of the restaurant you go to!

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