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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Coupons in strange places

Coupon Finder Alert-just wanted to give everyone a heads up on some coupons that I have found in unusual places here lately or just have found and haven't read about on some of the bigger blogs. 

Sonic Kids Meals-found $3.00 off Charlie Brown Easter DVD.  Have yet to find this DVD in a store though...has anyone seen it anywhere?

Inside the cardboard boxes of Slim Fast, there is several coupons on the packaging inside.  I also got a catlina the other night for slimfast when checking out at Target.  There is currently a giftcard deal that you get two free nutrition bars (zone and kelloggs) or two packs of slimfast drinks when you buy the 90 ct Alli for $49.99.  This varies greatly by store, so please be aware that this may not work, but some stores ( i personally have never had a problem using a coupon for a free item at the Targets that I go to) but you could use two slimfast coupons on the free ones, making your deal even better, on a price that is already fairly good for the Alli, I believe $39.99 is about the cheapest I have seen it.  The Slimfast drinks are about $5-7.00 each, so pretty good deal all together in my opinion. 

I found $4.00 off manufacturer q's on the prevacid's at Target and there is a printable Target q for $4.00 off and currently my store is running the price of the 14 day supply at $10.99.  Not as good a deal as getting them for free a few months ago when they ran the price as $7.99, but still a very good deal for Prevacid.  Plus when you buy a prevacid product right now you get a maloxx product for free (valued at just under $4.00).

My Rite Aid had a lot of $3.00 off peelies on physicians formula makeup

Happy hunting for coupons...hope you are finding some good ones this week!

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