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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saving money other ways- Series One

Just a few thoughts this RAINY morning (thank you Lord for the rain, our grass and flowers need it!)
Saving serious money has to be a train of thought...a constant thought process before buying ANYTHING!  There is savings to be had in so many venues that before this train of thought, you wouldn't think of...

For instance, my hubby and Brandi's hubby take care of the car needs and maint.  For years my husband has gotten up, drove to the local oil change place and local car parts place and bought what he needed.  He would complain about the high costs of some of this stuff...but we never really did more than complain about it.  Until I started couponing and pouring over blogs in my spare time (which isn't much with 3 active kiddos!)
and now we both know to search the web for coupons, coupon codes, ect.  My husband has figured out that he can save us a ton of money the following ways:
1.  Order our motor oil online in bulk from the supplier (big, big savings!)
2.  Order the car parts online site to store using discount codes...saves him at least 20% a part and at $200 for the part, that is $40.00!!!  And in most cases, he can pick up the part in an HOUR at our local Auto!
3.  Coupons for oil changes...they are everywhere, but you probably ignore them...on discount cards the school sells, in the newspaper, in the coupon your junk mail!  And if your oil change is normally $50-70 dollars, and you get it for $20-30, another $20-30.00 savings!  Adds up with 2-4 vehicles in a family!
4.  Car washes...yeah, we all love good quick run thrus at these local places...but most of them are costly.  I bought Butch a carwash set from Target that ended up being a moneymaker last christmas.  So, we only pay the cost of water to wash the cars...the car set came with soap, towels, brushes, wax, ect! 
5.  Rebates...did you know there is rebates on car parts?  Frequently there is, you have to look around the store for signs, search the sites, ect.  Windshield wipers are an item that I see rebates for on quite a bit. 

So, that is series one of  "Saving money on Other Items" and remember-saving money opens up doors to allow you to give more time and money!  And the more you bless others, and the more you take care of your finances in a way that is pleasing to God, the more he will truly BLESS you and your family! 

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